Fresh Oysters Delivery in Singapore - Types and Pricing

Oyster lovers rejoice! We have oysters from A to Z: Australia, Canada, France, Japan, Ireland, New Zealand and USA are all specially handpicked. Each oyster is meticulously cleaned, and expertly shucked before being packed and sealed to retain freshness and their original flavour. 

At Season's Best we bring you 12 exclusive types of fresh live oysters all over the globe. The best thing is that they are air flown weekly from the source. Afterwards, we check for the quality of oysters before making the delivery to ensure our clients get the most satisfaction and enjoy seafood that are prepared and handles correctly! Some of the types of oysters we sell cannot be found anywhere else!

Shucked Versus Unshucked Oysters

In Season's Best collections, we have both shucked and unshucked oysters. We understand that shucking oysters at home can initially be seen as a troublesome or a challenging task. It is relatively easy if you get the hang of it and buy the right kind of fresh oysters! Ultimately, there is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment by preserving the natural liquid in the shell, taking the extra time and effort required to pop the shells of your own oysters before you eat it fresh! The feeling of being a pro at shucking. Hence, we have come out with this article to guide you through your oysters shucking journey! Furthermore, unshucked oysters are cheaper than shucked oysters.

We understand that almost everyone in Singapore is living a hectic lifestyle. So, not many people have the luxury of time to shuck their own oysters and enjoy it. Fret not, you can enjoy freshly shucked oysters right to your doorstep and enjoy with your love ones without worrying about all the hassle that has got to do with shucking, cleaning and washing. Oysters at season's best will be handled with care by professional shuckers practicing for years to get such consistent results. Because practice makes perfect. Our pre-shucked oysters are user-friendly and will be delivered to you by Tuck Lee Ice cold trucks. Freshness Guaranteed 1x. 2x and 3x! Trust our cold chain experts who has more than 80 years of cold chain logistic in Singapore.

Types of Oysters and Pricing

1. Barron Point Oysters (From Canada)

Price (In SGD):
6 pieces of oysters at $47.70
12 pieces of oysters at $82

barron point oysters canada

Barron point oysters from Canada are known to have massive flesh size with a soft and succulent texture. It is sweet, mildly salty and musky.

2. Fine De Claire No. 3 Oysters (From France)

Price (In SGD):
6 pieces of oysters at $29.70
12 pieces of oysters at $49

Fine de claire no. 3 oysters

This oyster is the cream of the crop. It has a delicate white flesh with a golden tint and a light green mantle. Briny and delicious. This is one of the cheaper variants of oysters so you can enjoy the taste of the sea without burning a hole in your pocket. 

3. Gillardeau No.3 Oysters (From France)

Price (In SGD):
6 pieces of oysters at $59.70
12 pieces of oysters at $109.50

Gillardeau no.3 oysters

Another oyster variety from france is the Gillardeau no.3 which has a meaty, tender and crunchy texture all at once, in 1 bite. It has aromas of hazelnut accompanied with spicy, sweet and salty flavours.You have to try it if you are an oyster connoisseur!

4.Golden Mantle Oysters (From Canada)

Price (In SGD):
6 pieces of oysters at $27
12 pieces of oysters at $46

Golden Mantle Oysters

Introducing the second variety of oysters from canada, the golden mantle oysters has plump ivory meats with a deep cup. It is sweet and rich in mineral with a melon finish. Another value for money choice to sate your oysters cravings!

5. Kaipara Oysters (From New Zealand)

Price (In SGD):
6 pieces of oysters at $27
12 pieces of oysters at $51.50

Kaipara Oysters

Kaipara oysters from New Zealand is one that is ccean scented, full-shelled with soft textured meat. Finishes on fresh cucumber or watermelon rind brininess. It is often found in brown and purplish deep cupped shell oysters cultivated in the Kaipara harbour. We deliver this seafood goodness right to your doorstep chilled!

6. Mary Point Oysters (From Canada)

Price (in SGD):
6 pieces of oysters at $27.00
12 pieces of oysters at $46

Mary Point Oysters

The most popular type of oysters from our site is the Mary Point oysters which has a massive flesh size with a soft texture. It has low salt levels and musky flavours as well. Healthier choice and easy on the wallet! Even with delivery fees, it is still a relatively afforadble option.

7. Murotsu Oysters (Japan)

Price (in SGD):
12 pieces of oysters shucked at $36
12 pieces of oysters unshucked at $30

Murotsu Oysters

Letting you in on our latest arrival: We finally found the best quality oysters after spending a long time sourcing fishing ports all over Japan! The town of Murotsu has some of Japan's best oysters. Due to regulations, all Japanese oysters are shipped frozen to Singapore. They are blast frozen live at source using the latest freezing technology to maintain it's freshness and plumpness so you can enjoy the taste it as if it is just caught! The flesh of the Murotsu oysters is fleshy, silky and smooth with a wonderfully creamy texture. These are great oysters you shouldn't miss. Absolutely delish and bang for buck!

8. Ostera Regal Oysters (From Ireland)

Price (in SGD):

6 pieces of oysters at $53.70

12 pieces of oysters at $92

Ostra Regal Oysters

Our oysters gourmet all time favourite! Ostera Regal has a slight iodine and mineral tastes that leave a strong algal and sweet flavour. Despite a slightly higher price point, the harmony of flava you experience from this oysters will be worth the price. You are what you eat so make yourself premium and have it deliver fresh and chilled right to your doorstep like the royalty you are!

9. Sakoshi Oysters (From Japan)

Price (in SGD):
6 pieces of oysters at $27
12 pieces of oysters at $52

Sakoshi Oysters

If you think of seafood, the first country that comes to mind has to be Japan. They are well-known for their quality oysters too. Sakoshi oysters are silky, creamy, smooth and plum, with a tinge of slight salinity and a hint of light brine finish. They are cultivated in the pristine bay of Hyogo Prefecture in Western Japan. The oysters bask in good-quality plankton flow from the rich “Ikushima Forest” and Chigusagawa River. Get the taste of Japan through their oysters because we never know traveling can be the same again!

Limited Edition and Seasonal Oysters Delivery

Afterall, oysters are the 4 season's best gifts hence, some types of oysters will not be available for purchase throughout the year from us. Below are the lists of limited time oysters. If you want to get your hands on them, follow us on our social media channels (Facebook) (Instagram). We have the latest updates on new products or you can subscribe to our email subscription as we often have exclusive promotions and first-hand news disseminated to our valued subscribers. Don't miss out!

Coffin bay oystersNormandy Specials no.3 oysters


taylor's oysterstaylor's fat bastard oysters

Oysters Platter Delivery for your Event Needs

We do offer oysters platter delivery islandwide in Singapore. Enjoy them fresh and chilled. This is especially convenient for those having an event or celebration. Also, for those picky eaters or indecisive oysters lovers, our platter have a variety of oysters and there is definitely one type of oysters that you will fall in love with. So why choose and pick when you can have all?

Here are the options:

  1. A total of 12 oysters across 2 varieties @ $47.50
    oyster platter 2 types

  2. A total of 18 oysters across 3 varieties @ $75.00
    Oysters platter 3 types

  3. A total of 24 oysters across 4 varieties @ $92.00
    oyster platter 4 types

Premium Oysters Platter for Delivery in Singapore

Feeling rich? Been wanting to pamper yourself? Want to look generous for your event? Get our premium oyster platter which includes a total of 24 pieces of crowd-favourite oyster varieties: Golden Mantle, Ostera Regal, Gillardeau No.3, and Fin de Claire No.3. to awe your guest! It cost $145 and comes with free delivery by Tuck Lee Ice, the leading ice company in Singapore to ensure freshness!


At Season's Best, while we are an expert in oysters and oysters delivery, do check out our other season's best gifts such as seasonal fruits and our seafood options which are great options for delivery be it for personal consumption or for social gatherings. If you have any questions regarding our delivery schedule or products, you can check out our FAQ here. If you have further enquires, do not hesitant to reach out and we will attend to your enquires as soon as possible!😊

Since you are here reading this article on oysters delivery, you might be getting a bunch of oysters shucked or unshucked soon! So here is a care and storage guide for oysters specially curated by us for you so you can enjoy your oysters with a peace of mind!