How to Shuck Oysters? Guide to Oysters Storage and Preparation

Calling all seafood lovers! I am sure we love to order raw oysters when we dine out. Don't like crowded places, it is time to bring our beloved seafood and the half shell experience back to the comforts of our home! I am sure you are worried about how to you store your oysters appropriately and prepare these frozen oysters to perfection. It is suprisingly easy, affordable and fun! Read on to find out!

Why is Oysters good for you?

Both fresh and frozen oysters are highly nutritious shellfish that are filled with  high-quality protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Unfortunately, raw oysters can contain potentially harmful bacteria hence, it is important to know the provide oyster storage method and how to prepare oysters in the right manner. For more information on health and risk, check this link out!

Care and Storage of Oysters

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Firstly, always buy oysters from reliable sources. Check their handing process! It is better to be safe than sorry. If you buy oysters from us, we will guarantee its freshness. This is because our oysters are sashimi grade. They are flash frozen at the point of harvest for optimum safety, freshness and taste.

Secondly, upon receiving your oysters, store your unshucked oysters in the freezer if you are not having it on the same day. The tip is: store at -18 degree celsius to keep the oysters fresh for up to 6 months! Also, remember that oysters for raw consumption should never be refreezed once thawed for food safety!

Attention for those pregnant or breastfeeding ladies and people with compromised immune system, unfortunately, you will have to avoid eating raw oysters for your own and love ones safety.

How to shuck frozen oysters safely?

Step 1: Thaw

Remove oysters from the freezer and submerge them in a pot of ice water with the plastic bag for 10 minutes for every dozen of oysters. We do not recommend soaking the oysters directly in the water. Clean and scrub the oysters shell to remove any sand or shell fragments.

Step 2: Shuck

On a cloth, hold the oyster flat side up and using a blunt butter knife, insert between the upper and lower shells and pry the shells apart. Tip: Find an opening along the shell for easy prying! Otherwise, you can check out our wide array of already shucked oysters, we shuck and all you need to do is enjoy!

Step 3: Shuck More

Separate the abductor muscle from the top and bottom shell by sliding your knife across. Still facing trouble in shucking? You can check this article out on a more in-depth step-by-step shucking process!

abductor muscle

Step 4: After Shucking, Serve!

serving of oysters
Photo by Yukiko Kanada on Unsplash

Place open oysters on the plate of ice and keep them as cold as possible to maintain their freshness and flavour. Serve with lemon juice or your favourite sauces. After shucking, if you are not having it immediately, pop them into your chiller and consume them within 3 hours!

What are some pairings that are good for oysters?

At season's best, we have a wide variety of oysters across the globe. The most classic pairing with oysters is—of course—Champagne. The crisp fizziness of champagne marries nicely with the flavor of most oysters—it cuts through the richness and enhances the subtler flavors. Hence, we have specially curated and selected a list of champagne and sake that will go well with oysters so you can eat oysters like a pro! This pairing is particularly agreeable when the oysters and champagne are both served well chilled.

Check out the specially curated list of alcohol that will delight your tastebuds here

If you want to spice your oysters up further, you can decorate it with edible flowers for a fancy meal!

oysters with edible flowers

Don't forget to pair it with finger lime or lime caviar instead of lemon as the taste of the citrus is delayed because of the caviar membrane encasing the acid. This prevents the juice from "curing" the seafood over time. It is a preparation method approved and well-known amongst chef so give this recipe a try! 

oysters and finger lime

Matchmade in heavens! Try it out and let us know if this pairing is shucking good for you? Or what other pairings do you prefer?


Oysters are a great delicacy and it needs to be handled with care during the storage phase and also the preparation phase so you can enjoy the taste of the sea with a peace of your mind! By the end of this guide, we hope we answered your question on how to shuck oysters! It is really not that difficult. If you have more questions, feel free to drop your enquiries and we will attend to them and maybe make a guide for it too!

If you are here learning how to shuck oysters, you will most likely want to buy oysters. You can check out our range of shuck and unshucked oysters here with all the information and journey of how the oysters is harvest all the way to it being delivered fresh and cold right to your doorstep!