Signature Norwegian Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng with Blue Lotus (CNY)

The Signature Norwegian Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng for Chinese New Year is Season's Best very first project. Season's Best Yu Sheng is a collaboration with Blue Lotus' Chef Ricky, where the yusheng is zesty and full of delicious surprises. 

This season, we said goodbye to Yusheng in plastic containers or on newspapers. No more referring to your phones to figure out how to Lohei! This season, Singapore’s critically acclaimed Chinese restaurant, Blue Lotus, collaborates with Tuck Lee Ice to introduce Season’s Best.

Season’s Best is the most luxurious way to Lohei at home. Blue Lotus collaborates with Tuck Lee Ice to introduce a unique way to enjoy its Signature Norwegian Smoked Salmon Yusheng in the comfort of your home or office, in a luxurious red gift box that you can bring as a gift during Chinese New Year visiting.

Season's Best was also reviewed on Lian He Wanbao, The Straits Times, NOC Food King, and many other platforms!

Here are also some reviews we got from our Season's Best Yusheng!