Yusheng Delivery Singapore - All you need to know about Yusheng and Lohei

The year of the black tiger is here and one of the best part of Chinese New Year (CNY) is the CNY goodies! Ranging from abalone to yusheng to bakwa and even pineapple tarts, most of us will be gaining all those calories this period. With COVID-19 restrictions still in place in Singapore, if we only can enjoy limited company, we should at least enjoy great food and feel the festive energy! So here is the history of Yusheng and how lohei or lo sheng with “lo” or in chinese, 捞 is the act of tossing. The term “Lo Hei”, is meant to signify to “rise” (起 “hei”), again a reference to a thriving health, wealth, career, business and the list goes on for everything that is prosperous.

Singapore Yusheng Delivery for 2022

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Delivery Details

We deliver throughout the entire CNY period. "We deliver while you celebrate" so start ordering from us today and receive your Yusheng at your selected date and time!

Tradition of Yusheng and how it came about

Lo hei 捞起 (Cantonese for tossing up) refers to the communal tossing of yusheng 鱼生. Traditionally, the practice was commonly observed on Renri 人日, the seventh day of the first lunar month. Today, people can enjoy yusheng throughout the entire Chinese New Year period! 

Yusheng can be understood literally as 'raw fish' in Chinese. However, yu 鱼 ('fish') is also a homophone to yu 余 ('abundance'), while sheng 生 ('raw') shares the same character and pronunciation as sheng 生 ('growth', 'life'); together, the name of the dish implies an increase in abundance and conveys the wish of prosperity and long life!

Origins of Yusheng Debated

Raw fish has been part of the Chinese culinary culture but by the end of the Qing Dynasty, the consumption of raw fish slices was limited to the southern Chinese province of Guangdong and the Chaoshan region. Cantonese and Teochew immigrants introduced the yusheng dish to Singapore in the 19th century. That's how lo hei has become a ritualised culinary experience in Singapore!

Some argued it was orginated from Malaysia or Singaporean chefs. The battle of food between these 2 countries never ceases. However, Yusheng is a prosperous and harmonial food for the occasion. Leave the debate behind and enjoy what the past have given to us - a tradition of gathering together and wishing the best for people you care about. 

How do you Lohei?

If you are the one to mumble after others during a lohei session or checking back on to your google screen for what auspicious phrases to say for each ingredients, fret not, because we are here to help. 

Step-by-step guide on How to Lohei or What to say during Lohei

step 1 of lohei
  1. Add the fish and in this case usually Salmon and say 年年有余(鱼) "nian nian you yu" which means abundance throughout the year!
    step 2 of lohei
  2. Add pomelo and say 大吉大利 "da ji da li" which means good luck and great prosperity!
    step 3 of lohei spices
  3. Add spices packets and say 招财进宝 "zhao cai jing bao" which means may you attract wealth and treasures!
    step 4 of lohei oil
  4. Add oil and say 财源广进 "cai yuan guang jing" which means may money flow in from all directions!
    step 5 of lohei nuts
  5. Add nuts and say 金银满屋 "jin yin man wu" which means may your house be filled with gold and silver!
    step 6 of lohei crackers
  6. Add crackers and say 遍地黄金 "bian di huang jin" which means may the whole floor be filled with gold!
    step 7 of lohei sesame seeds
  7. Add sesame seeds and say 生意兴荣 "sheng yi xing rong" which means prosperity for the business!
    step 8 of lohei dressing honey
  8. Add the dressing usually honey and say 甜甜蜜蜜 "tian tian mi mi" which means sweet and loving relationships!
    tossing of lohei
  9. Last but not the least, 发啊 "fa ah" or "huat ah." Legends have it that The higher you toss, the more prosperous your coming year will be! So let your wild side go as you toss!

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Affordable Yusheng Options

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