Oyster Platter 18 pcs (3 Types)

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Fin De Claire No.3

Fine De Claire No. 3 is selected from the cream of the crop. It has a delicate white flesh with a golden tint and a light green mantle. Briny.

Origin: France 


Ocean scented, full-shelled, and soft textured meat. Finishes on fresh cucumber or watermelon rind brininess.

Brown and purplish deep cupped shell oysters cultivated in the Kaipara Harbour.

Each ready-to-eat set includes 6pcs of freshly shucked oysters.

 Origin: North Auckland, New Zealand

Fanny Bay 

 Fanny Bay Oysters are found in the nutrient rich waters of Baynes Sound on the eastern side of Vancouver Island, BC. It has firm meat, a mild brininess and a pronounced cucumber finish.

Origin: Fanny Bay, BC Canada