Oyster Platter 24pcs (4 Types)

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This oyster platters includes a total of 24 oysters across 4 varieties:  Kaipara, FDC, Mary Point, GM

Golden Mantle

Golden Mantle has plump ivory meats with a deep cup. It is sweet & mineral with a melon finish.

Origin: Straits of Georgia, Canada

Mary Point

Mary Point has a massive flesh size with a soft texture. It has low salt levels and musky flavours as well.

Origin: British Columbia, Canada

Fin De Claire No.3

Fine De Claire No. 3 is selected from the cream of the crop. It has a delicate white flesh with a golden tint and a light green mantle. Briny.

Origin: France 


Ocean scented, full-shelled, and soft textured meat. Finishes on fresh cucumber or watermelon rind brininess.

Brown and purplish deep cupped shell oysters cultivated in the Kaipara Harbour.

Each ready-to-eat set includes 6pcs of freshly shucked oysters.

 Origin: North Auckland, New Zealand