Premium Platter 24pcs (4 Types)

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This premium oyster platter includes a total of 24 pieces of crowd-favourite oyster varieties: Fanny Bay, Ostera Regal, Gillardeau No.3, and Fin de Claire No.3.

Origin: Australia, Ireland, and France

Coffin Bay

Meaty with a petite, well-rounded shell. Clean, crisp, and briny with a sweet finish.

Harvested from the well-known region of Coffin Bay - Australia's premier oyster growing destination

 Origin: Coffin Bay, Australia

Ostera Regal

Ostera Regal has a slight iodine and mineral tastes that leave a strong algal and sweet flavour.

Origin: Ireland

Gillardeau No.3

Gillardeau No.3 has a meaty, tender and crunchy texture all at once. It has aromas of hazelnut accompanied with spicy, sweet and salty flavours.

Origin: France

FIn de Claire No.3

Fine De Claire No. 3 is selected from the cream of the crop. It has a delicate white flesh with a golden tint and a light green mantle. Briny.

Origin: France