Hairy Crab Premium 250g

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Package Includes:-

  • Perilla Leaf for Steaming

  • Crab Vinegar 1 Bottle

PLEASE SELECT SATURDAY and SUNDAY DELIVERY. Season's Best reserves the right to amend the delivery time and date, subject to the availability of our hairy crabs.

The season for hairy crab is here! We bring to you the Premium Size Quality Hairy Crab from Yangcheng Lake in China’s Jiangsu province. Having excellent water quality in the natural lake makes this crustacean the best!

These are air-flown in freshly. We deliver to provide the freshest crabs to your doorstep. 
We are having an early bird promotion and it is definitely value for money! Must-Try!

Product Information
Male Crab - Approximately 250g
Female Crab - Approximately 200-220g

From October to December only. Hurry before the season ends! Only comes by once a year. Miss it and regret it.  

Country of Origin: Yang Cheng Hu, Jiangsu China

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