Oyster Platter 12pcs (2 Types)

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This oyster platters includes a total of 12 oysters across 2 varieties: Sakoshi Japan and Golden Mantle

Sakoshi Japan

Silky and creamy, smooth and plum, with a tinge of slight salinity and a hint of light brine finish. Cultivated in the pristine bay of Hyogo Prefecture in Western Japan. The oysters bask in good-quality plankton flow from the rich “Ikushima Forest” and Chigusagawa River.

Origin: Japan

Golden Mantle

Plump ivory meats with a deep cup. Buttery, bright, and briny with a beachy essence. Sweet & mineral with a melon finish. Also known as oyster primadonnas given their cultivation by the tray suspension method. Suspended in mesh trays in deep water their entire lives, the molluscs are protected from predators, mud, sand and silt.

Origin: Straits of Georgia, Canada