Frequently Asked Questions (Yu Sheng)

Q: Where can I buy your Yusheng beside your website?

A: You can only purchase our Yusheng online via

We accept PAYNOW, Google Pay, Apple Pay, VISA and MASTERCARD payment.


Q: How long can the Yusheng last? Does it need to be refrigerated?

A: Our Yusheng is recommended to be consumed within 4 hours, otherwise please remove the Yusheng container from the red gift box and place in refrigerator (chiller side) if you intend to consume at a later time.


Q: How should I store the smoked salmon, beef tenderloins, abalone and crispy fish skin.

A: Smoked salmon, beef tenderloins and abalone should be stored in refrigerator if not consumed immediately. Fish skin are vacuumed packed to maintain its crispiness and can be stored at a cool dry place.


Q: Can I cancel/change my order?

A: There will be strictly no refund once an order is placed. If you need to amend your order (i.e. date, address, etc) please contact us at least 3 days before your delivery date.


Q: What is your delivery schedule for CNY?

A: We deliver throughout from 1-14 Feb 2022 (Except 2 Feb 2022). Due to high demand during Chinese New Year 1-15th days, we would highly advise you to order your Yusheng earlier as it can be kept in the fridge for up to 3 days (without adding any condiments)

  • If you want to consume for lunch, please kindly indicate delivery date a day before, delivery will be made between 11-7pm. 
  • If you want to consume for dinner, please kindly indicate delivery date on the same day and it will be delivered between 11-7pm.
  • Unfortunately, due to overwhelming response, we cannot deliver at a specific time. We appreciate your kind understanding.


Q: Will the veggie in the Yusheng become soggy if left in the fridge?

A: No, it will not. It will remain fresh so long as you do not add any condiments into it. Tested and proven!


Q: Are there any nuts in the Yusheng?

A: There are almond and walnuts in the Yusheng. However, our Yusheng is prepared in a kitchen that processes products that contain peanuts and treenuts. Please take note if you have any allergy. Please see our ingredients list here


Q: What are the ingredients in the Yusheng?

A: Fresh Calamansi, Norwegian Smoked Salmon, Olive oil infused spring onions, Baked Crushed Almonds,  Five Spices, White Pepper, Sesame Seed, Wild Honey Yuzu Kumquat Sauce, Mesclun Salad, Shredded Carrot , Dill Leaves, Fried Julienne Ginger, Fried Julienne Sweet Potatoes, Honey-glazed Walnuts, Crispy Salmon Skin, Fresh Pomelo, Beetroot, Shredded White Cabbage.


Q: Can I choose to remove some ingredients from the Yusheng?

A: Unfortunately not, the ingredients are all prepped in advance. Please read the ingredient list carefully if you have any allergy. 


Q: What if I forgot to make payment via Paynow after ordering?

A: Unfortunately, if we do not receive the payment the next day upon your order. Your order will NOT be processed and will be cancelled. Please remember to make payment immediately after order.


Q: Will my delivery be late?

Due to high demand during CNY or rainy weather, please expect some delays. Therefore, we would advise to order your Yusheng at least 1 day earlier to avoid disappointment.


Q: Is there any free delivery with a minimum purchase?

A: Each delivery point is charged at $15.00 and there is free delivery for orders above $200. Alternatively you can choose self pickup at 12 Defu Lane 1


Q: What if no one is around to receive the Yusheng?

A: If the Yusheng is delivered and no one is at home to receive it, we will place it outside the door, we do not do any a re-delivery as our schedule is packed back to back. Please ensure to have someone to receive your Yusheng. 


Q: Can I do a corporate purchase?

A: Yes we welcome all corporate purchase, please email or call 6222 3777 / 8818 9567 / 9727 8700 and we will be in touch with you with more details.


Q: If I select self-pickup, what time can I come collect the Yusheng?

A: Self-pickup will be available between 12 - 4pm at 159 Sin Ming Road, Amtech Building, Lobby 2, #02-04 Sngapore 575625

  If you have further queries, please send through to or contact us at 6222 3777 / 8818 9567 / 9727 8700