Auspicious Traditional Salmon Yusheng

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Brought to you by Greenwood Fish Market. 

The Season’s Best box-in-a-box opens out to reveal a guiding canvas with 8 auspicious greetings.

The standard Yusheng set, which serves about 6-8 persons, features:

Auspicious Fresh Salmon Yusheng comprising traditional yusheng vegetables and condiments topped with 200g of premium, quality salmon sashimi slices, including Chef Alan's special homemade calamansi plum sauce for balanced sweetness, tartnenss, and umaminess.

The Yusheng is surrounded by a guide of festive sayings for each ingredient which is printed in golden chinese characters and hanyu pinyin. Once you unbox the yusheng, the Season Best’s gift box is designed to collect the prosperous mess that comes with tossing of the Yusheng.

Due to high traffic for this festive season, please understand that we do not accept any cancellation. 

Kindly note that all images are for visual purposes only. Actual product may vary in looks

**CNY Trees while stock last**

Customer Reviews

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Lohei with helping words

The lohei was a successful one especially with the help of the lohei phrases at the side of the box. No need to google. All the ingredients were fresh and delicious. My friends and family was impressed by the gift box!

Connie Lim
Prosperity Toss

We really appreciate the box-within-a-box design which open out as a guiding canvas with festive greetings printed on it. It also serves as an extension to collect all the mess from the tossing. Make our life easy after toss!!