Cold Crab

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🦀 Cold Crab 🦀

We call them Roe Crab or Cold Crab (膏蟹) / Yellow Roe Crab

Shelf Life: Up to 3 months in freezer from date of receipt

Product State: Delivered frozen

🦀 Weight from 400 to 550g (before processing). Weight inidcated is the total weight of crab after steaming and removal of rope, crabs gills as well as abdomen flap. The weight of crab you receive will be +/-20%

Big size 250-300g
XL size 350-400g 

🦀 Signature Spicy Dipping Sauce also included! (For every 2 crabs ordered)

Serving Suggestion: Thaw for 2 hours at room temperature or thaw it overnight in the chiller. Please order for delivery before the day you want to consume. 

Serve with your preferred dipping sauce such as vinegar, soya sauce or even belacan chilli!

Origin: India/Sri Lanka

Customer Reviews

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Creamy and Delicious

The crab roe was very creamy and buttery. And the shell was soft and easy to remove.

Cindy Low
Fresh and Creamy

super shiok and roe is thick and creamy. super enjoyable with the spicy dipping sauce. will recommend and order again!