Fresh Premium Lychee Bundle-Popular

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 Best of Both Worlds!

This lychee bundle consists of two of the very best, premium lychee varieties -- Guiwei (桂味) and Nuomici (糯米糍). This bundle challenges lychee connoisseurs to explore the difference between these two premium lychees and their different tastes. 

Quantity: 800g Nuomici Lychees + 1 kg Guiwei Lychees


Our sweet premium Lychee - from the Gui Wei 桂味 Family is one of the premium lychees from lychees family.

Red plump, sweet and juicy lychee with a distinct floral taste. Special breed of Lychee. 


Named "King of Lychees"

The ripe lychee flesh is crystal clear, juicy, and sweet. The lychee juices burst in your mouth once bitten. Its unique taste has earned itself the title "King of Lychees" and is definitely worthy to be called the best among all lychees. Its texture is also soft, smooth, and tender.

This variety of lychees are super delicious, but extremely difficult to grow, due to the many different factors that all have an impact on lychee yield -- climate, fertilisation, watering, etc. This is what makes each harvest of Nuomici Lychees so precious.