Oyster Platter 24pcs (4 Types)

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This oyster platters includes a total of 24 oysters across 4 varieties:  

Fanny Bay

British Columbia oysters with full and firm meats. Mildly briny with a pronounced cucumber finish. 

Origin: Canada

Mary Point

Mary Point has a massive flesh size with a soft texture. It has low salt levels and musky flavours as well.

Origin: British Columbia, Canada

Fin De Claire No.3

Fine De Claire No. 3 is selected from the cream of the crop. It has a delicate white flesh with a golden tint and a light green mantle. Briny.

Origin: France 

Katama Bay

A salt bomb with a sweet-as-candy finish, they're as pristine as the waters they're from with large, clean shells, and deep cups.

Prized oysters from Martha’s Vineyard’s best spot–a sandy bay with full ocean access. Grown in trays in off-bottom racks, very clean.

Origin: Cape Cod, USA