Premium Oyster Platter 18 pcs (3 Types)

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This premium oyster platter includes a total of 18 pieces of crowd-favourite oyster varieties: Taylor's, Ostera Regal, and Gillardeau No.3

Origin: US, Ireland, and France


Taylor's is famous for its sweet-and-salty cucumber flavour, gorgeous, with ruffled shells that can be coloured green, brown, black, white, purple, and pink. The meats get big and plump and can excel on the half shell or on the grill. 

Ostera Regal

Ostera Regal has a slight iodine and mineral tastes that leave a strong algal and sweet flavour.

Gillardeau No.3

Gillardeau No.3 has a meaty, tender and crunchy texture all at once. It has aromas of hazelnut accompanied with spicy, sweet and salty flavours