Prosperity Pen Cai 盆菜

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Serves 5-6pax, delivered FROZEN

Cooking Instructions:

Recommended: Defrost the Pen Cai 1 day before in chiller. 
Steam for 40 minutes or until hot or steam for 60 minutes if is in frozen state
Serve piping HOT!

1. 鲍鱼 Abalone
2. 带子 Scallop
3. 花 胶 Fish Maw
4. 日本 干 贝 Dried Japanese Scallop
5. 美人 虾 Emerald Prawn
6. 苏 东丸 Sotong Ball
7. 红 烧元 蹄 Braised Pork Hock
8. 香 烤鸡扒 Baked Chicken Chop
9. 烧 鸭 Roasted Duck
10. 花菇 Shitake Mushroom
11. 海参 Sea Cucumber
12. 白 萝 卜 White Radish
13. 芋 头 Yam
14. 高 汤 Superior Chicken Broth

Pen Cai vacuumed and sealed in Round Premium Aluminum Container can be used to steaming directly. 
Outer Packaging: Laminated Carton Box

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