Signature Norwegian Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng (8-10 pax)

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The Season’s Best box-in-a-box opens out to reveal a guiding canvas with 8 auspicious greetings.

The standard Yusheng set, which serves 8 to 10 persons, features:

• tea-smoked Norwegian Salmon
• crispy salmon skin
• 10 herbs and vegetables
• pomelo
• 2 aromatic spices
• 2 types of nuts

It is topped with a generous dose of spring-onion-infused olive oil and wild honey yuzu dressing.

The Signature Norwegian Smoked Salmon Yusheng ($88) is the latest to come from the award-winning Blue Lotus Group and created by Blue Lotus's Chef-Owner Ricky Ng.

Due to high traffic for this festive season, please understand that we do not accept any cancellation. 

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